Saturday, 15 October 2016

Mr Bean in the Wonderful world of Pulses in China (Part 2)

New report for Mr Bean in IYP 2016 project from Shenzhen's China great team and their teacher Jia Huang.

Thank you for sharing this with us Jia! So many activities (beans as plants, varieties,  biology, herbarium, nutrition, art)...Amazing!!!


  1. ***just a note: soya beans controversial if they are pulses as tehy considered to mainly be produced for oil ( i do not agree either and we all know that soya beans very trivial in Chinese cousine)

    1. In China, we have many uses of beans.. In Chinese food, It has delicious tastes. It's mainly used to make porridge, soup and dessert. Even in China, it will be made good for porridge. We also have soy milk for breakfast. And tofu is made of beans.
      Because this time we just let the students a preliminary understanding of beans, then begin planting the beans. Last time we let the students learn basic knowledge about beans. Then we will begin to plant beans. In further stages we can cook Chinese cousines by using beans.
      Thank you!

  2. Excellent report from Shenzhen´s Team in China, just amazing!!
    Your pupils have done a great job, really interesting both from Science and Art.
    We´ll have your work in mind!