Friday, 30 September 2016

Dear colleagues,

 thank you very much for the parcel we received from you! You have been so kind!

We have been very happy to receive your greetings and  all the beautiful gifts you sent us.

Our students were excited to see all those seeds they had never seen before: in Italy we've many kinds of  beans but with different sizes and colours.

We tasted also the cakes with candied you sent us: they are really good! Can you explain us what they are made of and which is the feast you prepare them for?

Our students are going to write to you soon, it'll be nice to think of you as our new friends.

We'd like to ask you something about the project: we planted our beans in the greenhouse we have at school, because September isn't the right month for sowing them: it's cold during the nights and the plants can suffer outside. The right months are March-April in our country but we will do everything you ask for the project. Do we have to send you a report monthly? Can you give us the right directions and suggestions?

We'd really like to join you in this experience and send you the work path and the materials we are going to produce with our students who are already involved in such experiences. Two years ago, we had a field of our own, we planted wheat and after the crop we ate the bread made with our flour.

Thank you again for your kindness an we hope to hear from you soon.
Rossella and Cristina


  1. Yes is is better to plant in pots for the automn and winter growing activities

  2. Thank you for your letterand your kind comments!!!
    Letters exchange is an excellent idea and Petroupolis students would love to share this with you (classic post office or via email)
    Planting is closely connected with beans diary : so you can fill this for every variety you plant and gather photos showing them grow. Actually, you can adopt this activity and all the others the way you want and sharing results of your activities in blog and project journal. The sweets are of my favorites; they are Akanes from north greece (town of Serres) and info here : It will be our pleasure to send you more.
    Thank you for your friendship!