Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Exchanging seeds during summer

@Katja and @ Aranza and any other partner that is interested in exchanging seeds now:

Dear friends,
all europeans are on vacations this month and in august and with the posts on this blog we are not trying to break "summer nirvana" which is something we all need :) .....though we are trying to have some "creative fun", brainstorming and preparation of the project so that we are ready to go in september

You are right that we should exchange seeds in september with students and we will do that; we have informally begun exchanging to see how it goes and because september is rather late to saw beans.

Partners that wish to have seeds now, please comment under this post and send me a gmail at athzafei@gmail.com with your current (summer adress) and we can arrange summer exchanges of seeds.

Deadline for commenting that you wish to participate in summer seed exchanging  is saturday 23 july.

Thank you for following the project even on vacations! 
...  keep on having rest and fun and creative ideas :)


  1. I hope that i will have enough seeds in september after harvesting to send you seeds (Azuki, Coco, Tarbais, Broad)

    1. You already harvested the first beans, so we rely on you!!!!